Minutes: 4th virtual meeting of the OKFN Openbiblio Group

Date: October, 5th 2010, 16:00 UK time (BST)

Channel: Meeting was held via Skype


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Ben O’ Steen
  • Jim Pitman
  • Karen Coyle
  • John Mark Ockerbloom
  • Peter Murray-Rust

Minutes of former meetings


Open Library Data Flyer

German version is in print, the text can be found here: https://wiki1.hbz-nrw.de/display/SEM/Textentwurf+Open-Data-Flyer What’s the state of affairs with an English version?

To Do: Send the German version to the list and do the layout for english version. Update German version in the OKFN Wiki.

Openbiblio principles

We got to do further work on the principles: http://okfnpad.org/openbibliography-principles

To Do: Adrian will pull the principles draft and Peter’s guideline draft for publishers together and Peter and Adrian (and anybody else who wants to) will work on putting it into one text.
–> The first version of the “melted” text of both drafts is here: http://okfnpad.org/publisher-guidelines

Openbiblio group’s web presence / Overviews over openbiblio projects and data sources to approach

Note: We didn’t make it to this agenda point. Adrian will do some changes and ask for feedback on the mailing list. Feel free to give suggestions and feedback upfront.

The group’s web presence is suboptimal. I (Adrian) made an etherpad with suggestions for improvement: http://okfnpad.org/openbiblio-group-on-the-web

Two aspects of an adjustment are:

  • Projects overview: Much information about ongoging projects circulates over the mailing list. It would be useful to collect them in an overview over all past and running projects. The existing project information on the Group’s wikipage has been moved to: http://wiki.okfn.org/relevant%20projects. Please add other projects.
  • Potential data sources: We should probably built an overview about potential data sources: Data sources of great interest for Open Data and whether anybody has already coneected them with what outcome. We perhaps should do this in CKAN to get better structured information.
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  1. What about showing the listserv discussions in a box on the website? For instance the “developer discussions” at http://sioc-project.org/ come from the SIOC mailing list. Glad to hear about the good work y’all are doing!

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