JISC OpenBibliography: Development ideas

Now that we have a queryable British National Bibliography dataset, we are investigating useful functionality to take advantage of the data.

The team have listed a few development ideas based both on our own interests and on discussion with others in the community:

  1. flagging – attaching notes to bibliographic records highlighting possible updates
  2. wikipedia – link to wikipedia by author / title / ISBN for further information
  3. book crossing – search an ISBN, find where a copy of it is available
  4. public libraries – search by ISBN and find out which local public library it is in
  5. exporting records – for example to bibtex
  6. google scholar lookup

We are moving forward with these, however we know that it is not possible for us to guess all the uses that the community might find for such data, so we would appreciate further comments and new ideas. It would be great to have a list of use cases that are valued by the community, and to enable as many of them as possible by project end.

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  2. Karen Coyle says:

    A very useful function, if you have grouped your items into frbr:Works is to provide, for any ISBN, a list of other ISBNs (or other identifiers for that matter) that identify items that contain the same work. ISBNs are devilish because they identify a publierh’s product, not a “book”. The original hard cover and the paperback or trade version are given different ISBNs. The user may have one of those but the nearest library may have an equivalent edition that has a different product number.

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