Minutes: 9th Virtual meeting of the OKFN Openbiblio Group

Date: March, 1st 2011, 16:00-17:15 GMT

Channel: Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Thomas Krichel
  • Rufus Pollock
  • Karen Coyle
  • Jim Pitman

The group’s web presence at openbiblio.net

How do we improve the web site?

  • ACTION: The “About” page must get improved. –> Adrian
  • ACTION: The CKAN group on bibliographic data should be mentioned on openbiblio.net.
  • ACTION: Emails from the mailing list in the sidebar.
  • Karen finds the drop down confusing as the top point in the navigation bar the list open froms is also clickable.

How do we get more contributions from a wide range of contributors?

  • Jim would contribute. (He’ll send a text and somebody else should publish it)
  • ACTION: Make clear on list that anybody can contribute and be editor. List is owned by the group.
  • What does a mention on the project list mean? – That project is explicitely associated in some sense with the working group. Members of the group decide which projects are added.


see http://www.bibkn.org/.

  • Jim: Potentially many contributors of data are associated with BKN.
  • Jim asks whether the BibKN project is officially supported/endorsed by the OKF? Who decides this, who to contact? –> See above. We decided to add BibKN to the projects page on openbiblio.net (ACTION).

Spreading the openbiblio principles


  • Adrian created some openbiblio buttons (png, svg) which are in line with existing OKF buttons.
  • These buttons weren’t approved as means for showing support for openbiblio data. As other OKFN buttons are used for showing that something is “open data” or an “open service” it’d be confusing to use a similar button for supporting openbiblio data.
  • We need a bigger button that says something like “I/We support openbiblio data.”

Karen’s draft for mailing lists etc.

  • Karen proposed a text on list to be sent to various mailing lists etc. to call attention to the openbiblio principles. Everybody approved this text and that it should be sent out now.
  • ACTION: Adrian’ll make a German translation and post it to German lists as well as to European lists he knows.
  • ACTION: Karen will post it to code4lib, NGC4LIB, Open Library lists, w3c-lld and other lists.
  • ACTION: Thomas will post to engineering librarian lists and lists Karen hasn’t covered.
  • ACTION: Jim will cover math/stat related lists and publications

Update: We are keeping track of the already covered mailing lists on this etherpad.


  • ACTION: Karen will initiate a translation to Italian.

3lib data and openness

In the last meeting we decided to ask 3lib data providers about their data’s licensing status using http://isitopendata.org.
– By now two enquiries are written, to DBLP and E-LIS.
– An etherpad was created in order to cover more providers. Everybody feel free to contact one of the listed providers (and add this information to the etherpad).
– ACTION: Adrian will write a blog post on openbiblio.net about this.

Upcoming events


  • Thomas has contacted BASE and asked whether their data is open. They denied this.

Action Collection

  • Adrian will change the text on openbiblio.net’s about page and then ask for corrections/more improvement.
  • Adrian will write an email to the list making clear that everybody is invited to contribute to openbiblio.net and that openbiblio projects can be added to the project page.
  • Karen, Thomas, Jim and Adrian will post the write-up to endorse the openbiblio principles on several mailing lists.
  • Karen will initiate a translation to Italian of the openbiblio principles.
  • Adrian will write a blog post on openbiblio.net about the enquiry for data openness to 3lib providers.
  • ? (Rufus?) will include the CKAN page on bibliographic data on openbiblio.net.
  • ? will include the emails from the openbiblio list in the side bar on openbiblio.net
  • Adrian will make shure in the next meeting that all action points are assigned. 😉
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