Talk at UKSG 2011 Conference on Open Bibliography

This is a post by Rufus Pollock, a member of the Working Group and co-Founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Yesterday, I was up in Harrogate at the UKSG (UK Serials Group) annual conference to speak in a keynote session on Open Bibiliograpy and Open Bibliographic Data.

I’ve posted the slides online and iframed below.


Over the past few years, there has an explosive growth in open data
with significant uptake in government, research and elsewhere.

Bibliographic records are a key part of our shared cultural heritage.
They too should therefore be open, that is made available to the
public for access and re-use under an open license which permits use
and reuse without restriction (). Doing this
promises a variety of benefits.

First, it would allow libraries and other managers of bibliographic
data to share records more efficiently and improve quality more
rapidly through better, easier feedback. Second, through increased
innovation in bibliographic services and applications generating
benefits for the producers and users of bibliographic data and the
wider community.

This talk will cover the what, why and how of open bibliographica
data, drawing on direct recent experience such as the development of
the Open Biblio Principles and the work of the Bibliographica and JISC
OpenBib projects to make the 3 million records of the British
Library’s British National Bibliography (BNB) into linked open data.

With a growing number of Government agencies and public institutions
making data open, is it now time for the publishing and library
community to do likewise?

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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.
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