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New developments on Public Domain Works!

We have now completed a major load of data into the Public Domain Works database:

There are now 125318 persons, 12840 items and 299141 works in the
database. The data we have there comes primarily from two sources:
people and book data from Philip Harper’s NGCOBA and recordings data from the online discographies provided by KCL’s CHARM project.

We […]

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Database Back Up

Unfortunately due to upgrades of the software on the server the Public Domain Works DB has been down for several months. Now, thanks to recent coding efforts it is back up with some early (1900s) data from musicbrainz. Check it … Continue reading

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Public Domain Calculators

As followers of the mailing list will know we are now planning to join forces with Creative Commons on the Internet Archive’s Open Library project. Our first step is to develop ‘public domain calculators’ for the different jurisdictions across Europe. … Continue reading

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Public Domain Composers

To follow up our previous post on the statistics we’d been mining from the composer data donated to use by Phillip Harper herewith is a list of the public domain composers (i.e. composers whose works are now in the public … Continue reading

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Some Statistics

We’ve been busy hacking away and as a result we now have some rough statistics: Composers whose works are out of copyright. Of the 1083 composers listed in the data kindly donated to us by Philip Harper we estimate that, … Continue reading

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Alpha Site Up

As of last weekend there is a alpha version of the registry up at: If all went well Tom Chance demoed this at the iCommons summit in Rio de Janeiro. The database system and its interface is in alpha stage … Continue reading

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Composer Data

Many moons ago I came across: Which has lots of data on authors, books and composers (the guy seems to be transcribing a large amount of the US copyright register by hand!). In the light of our work on the … Continue reading

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