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Note: see follow on project JISC Open Biblio 2

This project will publish a substantial corpus of bibliographic metadata as Linked Open Data, using existing semantic web tools, standards (RDF, SPARQL), linked data patterns and accepted Open ontologies (FoaF, Bibo, DC, FRBR, etc). The data will be from two distinct sources: traditional library catalogues (Cambridge University Library and the British Library) and ToCs from a scientific publisher, the IUCr. None of the material is currently available as LOD, furthermore the outputs can be guaranteed to be open (unlike many existing data efforts, linked or otherwise).

Key strategies are

  • transformation of current publishers’ model to create Open Bibliography as part of their future business, and
  • the immediate and continuing engagement of the scholarly community.

Deliverables include a maintained and growing bibliography on the IUCr site and engagements with other like-minded publishers such as PLoS.

Getting Started

We’d love to have contributors from anyone interested in bibliography. At this stage contact us. As we create resources we’ll make available:

  • Our design for bibliographic metdata.
  • Bibliographies we have converted
  • Examples of bibliographic entries

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Supported By

This project has received funding support from JISC.