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Last week’s sprint produced more than just parsers, game-plans and blog posts (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3): it also allowed Peter and Naomi to stretch their directorial wings and produce some video blogs to record what we were doing as we went along. With minimal journalistic credentials (ok, none), we relied on the natural animation of the participants to sell the story… See how you think they did:

Interview with Mark MacGillivray, Openbiblio 2 project from Bibsoup Project on Vimeo.

Peter Murray-Rust Co-I Openbiblio project talks from Bibsoup Project on Vimeo.

Bibsoup: Interview with Etienne Posthumus (developer) from Bibsoup Project on Vimeo.

Interview with Ed Chamberlain, Openbiblio2 project from Bibsoup Project on Vimeo.

Thanks to Peter for the videos as presented on his brilliant blog!

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About Naomi Lillie

Naomi is Network Director. She lives in Edinburgh and still considers herself an English Literature graduate, although these days she reads for fun. She has a professional background in project management and coordination, and has worked in academia where the closed nature of information was a source of much frustration. She joined the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2011 as Community Coordinator and Foundation Administrator, and has been supporting Network since 2012.
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