Get Involved

The OKFN Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data covers different kinds of tasks and areas of activity, including:

  • Documentation. Keep track of bibliographic datasets that become available on the web, and their licenses. For this purpose the “Bibliographic Data” group at the Data Hub is maintained by members of the working group.

  • Information. Provide information about relevant projects and developments on this blog and encouraging openbiblio providers and other people working on openbiblio-relevant projects to share their experiences and knowledge.

  • Support. Assist people willing to publish data, e.g. in choosing the right license, keeping an eye on possible legal problems or coping with format issues. Assist dataset owners with finding suitable places to deposit and store bibliographic data.

  • Initiate. Follow up with producers of bibliographic datasets, introduce them to the Principles on Open Bibliographic Data and request their endorsement, and any license adjustments that may entail.

  • Development. Develop standards, interfaces and applications for producing, sharing etc. open bibliographic data. There even is a seperate openbiblio-dev mailing list for developers.

  • Community Building. Build a community of people endorsing the openbiblio principles and sharing their data and their experience.

We are happy for any support in the described areas or for people willing to translate the Principles on Open Bibliographic Data or sharing their experience on this blog. If you want to join the conversation and participate in openbiblio activities introduce yourself on the mailing list or contact the working group’s coordinator Adrian Pohl ([at]okfn[dot]org).