OpenBiblio Software

OpenBiblio is an open-source library and web application for running a catalogue and bibliography service for cultural works (books, music, films etc).

Significant features:

  • RDF linked data from the ground up
  • Designed for user editing and contribution of information (e.g. includes wiki-like recording of every change, access-control etc)
  • User-curated Collections — let users create their own bibliographies
  • Production tested (used to run <> with several million records)
  • Rich and powerful API (REST+JSON as well as SPARQL)

OpenBiblio is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation and was made possible by support from Edinburgh University’s IDEALab.

IDEALab Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN)

Get Involved

Want to get involved with Bibliographica? Want to use or play with the software? Details below.

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Participating in Bibliographica Development

  • Source code: <>
  • Issue tracker: <>
  • Mailing list: <>

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