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Last 100 of 190 signatories

Charalampos Bratssas President of Open Knowledge Greece, Greece

Panagiotis Bamidis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

MJ Suhonos Ryerson University Library & Archives, Canada

Sofia Zapounidous Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Library and Information Centre, Greece

Vantharith OUM OFKn Cambodia Ambassador, Cambodia

Felix Lohmeier SLUB Dresden, Germany

Asaf Bartov Project Ben-Yehuda; Aboutness.org, Israel

Diane Mercier OKFN Canada, Canada

Dr. Wilmer Arturo Moyano Grimaldo Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Jason Clark , United States

Bo Johnson Dominican University (IL) GSLIS, United States

Hartmann, Heinrich Oxford University, UK

Thomas Johnson Oregon State University, United States

Jacob Greer Researcher, USA

Naomi Lillie OKFN, UK

Chitu Okoli Concordia University, Canada

Nir Dagan Academic Priority Ltd., Israel

Éva Almási Enciklopedia Publishing House, Hungary

Anikó Dudás bibliographer, professor, Hungary

Dr. Györe Géza University of Pannonia, Hungay

Adam Paszternak Miskolc City Library & Information Centre, Hungary

xxxxxxxx Ontology Engineering Group, UPM, España

Radka Rimanova National Technical Library, Czech Republic

Sandra Astrella University of Cagliari, Italy

Ole Husby NTNU Library, Norway

Christian Pohl , germoney
für adrian und die freiheit

Daniel Dietrich Open Knowledge Foundation, Germany

Mace Ojala Turku City Library, Cycling for libraries, Kirjastot.fi Labs etc., Finland
Let's all ask ourselves the question "why not", and act directly based those answers.

J. Albert Bowden II , United States
Open Web for all!

Fabio Venuda Dpt. History & documentation studies - University of Milan, Italy

Michael Witt Purdue University, USA
We have adopted and are implementing these principles in our new IMLS project, Databib, http://databib.lib.purdue.edu

Helen Cooper Univerrsity of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Imma Subirats FAO of the United Nations, Italy

xxxxxxxx Murdoch Library, Australia

Mary Curran University of Ottawa, Canada

Laura Pieropan University of Padua, Italy

Francis Jayakanth National Centre for Science Information, Indian Institute of Science, India
I strongly endorse the OpenBiblio principles.

Judith Narosny Simmons College Library, United States

xxxxxxxx Florida International University, U.S.

Greg KEarney Association for the Blind of Western Australia, Australia

Schneider University Library Leipzig, Germany

Mathias Schindler Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Germany

Gareth Knight King\\'s College London, United Kingdom

Oriana Cartaregia Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova / Associazione Italiana Biblioteche, Italy

Rong Tang Simmons College, United States

Ed Summers , USA

Panyarak Ngamsritragul Assoc. Professor, Thailand

Peter Noerr MuseGlobal, Inc., USA

Geoffrey Skinner Librarian, Sonoma County Library, US

Király Péter eXtensible Catalog Organization, Hungary
It is strange, important, and supportable, that the principles emphasize the importance of commercial usage near the usual not for profit usage in libraryland. That's the true spirit of Open Source. You are brave! Congratulation.

Alvin Hutchinson , USA

Benoit Pauwels Université libre de Bruxelles - Archives & Libraries, Belgium

Lori Ayre The Galecia Group, USA

Remedios Melero CSIC, Spain

claudia cavicchi university of bologna, italy

Doina Ghita Marinescu Bibliothèque Fançaise Omnia Craiova, Roumanie

xxxxxxxx , Italy

Eric Lease Morgan , United States

Pierluigi Feliciati Università di Macerata, Italy

Annalisa Ricuperati Università degli Studi di Torino, Italia

Marina Galioto University of Palermo, Italy

Mats Dahlstrom University of Boras, Sweden

Jenel Lea Farrell Minnesota Public Radio | American Public Media, United States

Nicola Marton Horvath Biblioteca Comunale di Monte Cremasco, Italy

Apollonia Califano , Italia

Alessandra Bezzi Insubria University - Library System, Italy

Cinzia Martone Università Federico II , Italy

Carla Lestani Biblioteca Universitaria di Padova (MIBAC), ITALY

xxxxxxxx Sistema Bibliotecario Bassa Bresciana Centrale, Italy

Cornelia VIZITEU Biblioteca Judeteana \\"Mihai Eminescu\\" Botosani -, Romania

Tatarus Margareta ANPBR, Romania

Yasar Tonta Hacettepe University, TR

Serban Marin National Archives of Romania, Romania

Eugenia Gagno Biblioteca comunale Terni, Italy

xxxxxxxx , Romania

Nicoleta Latis ANBPR, Romania

patrizia caprioli SSAB-Università La Sapienza, Italia

Iori Rita Biblioteca Medica -Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova, Italy

Federica Tosini University of Padua, Italy

Maria Rosaria Annunziata SDIMM Sistema Documentario Integrato Mugello Montagna Fiorentina, Italia

Costel-Dorin Grigoruta \\"Mihai Eminescu\\" Botosani County Library, Romania

Paola De Castro Istituto Superiore di Sanita\\', Italy

Stephen Carney , Canada

Mariana Gavrila Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, Romania

Barbu Antonela ANBPR - Medias, Romania
Toti bibliotecarii ar trebui sa sprijine aceste principii.

Andrea Zanni University of Bologna, Italy

Nina Servizzi New York University Libraries, USA

Stefan Gradmann Humboldt-universität zu Berlin, Germany

Nicolaie Constantinescu Kosson Community, Romania

Ilaria Fava CASPUR, Italy

Paola Gargiulo CASPUR, ITALY

Robin Beecroft Searchlighter, UK
It is essential to have a set of principles like this, to capture the essence of the open ethic but also basic simple practices that can make this effective for the research community.

Patrick Hochstenbach Ghent University Library, Belgium

xxxxxxxx Ghent University Library, Belgium

xxxxxxxx European Commission, Belgium
This has come just at the right moment for me as I try to push for our library data to be open accessible and compatible with international principles

Nemertes - University of Patras, Institutional repository University of Patras, Greece

Giannis Tsakonas University of Patras, Greece

Edmund Chamberlain Cambridge University Library, UK

Nelson Piedra Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador
Extraordinary Job!