JISC OpenBibliography: IPR statement

All sourced data will fall under a license compatible with the criteria laid out at http://www.opendefinition.org/ – which will ensure that replication and reuse of the data created and hosted by this project is both fully reusable by the community that JISC seeks to support and the wider community still.

Project documentation will be published under a CC-BY attribution license, project data created by the team will be published under the PDDL and the source code created for the project will be published under the BSD license.

Organisational terms:

The OKF uses Open Definition compliant license for its content and data. For example, for content, CC-By, and for data the Open Data Commons Public Domain Definition and License (PDDL) or the Open Data Commons Data(base) Attribution License.

The University of Cambridge asserts its rights to IP created by employees in the course of their employment.

All software is distributed under the Artistic Licence (BSD style).

The IUCr uses CC-BY for its Open Access material and will use the services of the OKF to advise on the best ways of Opening data and services.

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