JISC OpenBibliography: Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement.

The JISC OpenBibliography project team:

  • Peter Murray-Rust of the University of Cambridge Unilever Centre, Departmentt of Chemistry is a reader in Molecular Informatics with nearly 200 publications. Peter will focus on the project direction and the co-ordination of the project partners, and will contribute major software enhancements to his JUMBO library for converting CIF to RDF.
  • Dr. Rufus Pollock will contribute to most areas of work, focusing on the project direction, management and dissemination. He will also help develop the metadata design, store architecture and disambiguation work. He is a co-founder and board member of the Open Knowledge Foundation with extensive experience of the legal, social and technical aspect of open information and bibliographic data in particular. He has also worked extensively with bibliographic metadata including the full Cambridge University Library catalogue and on developing databases, processing of bibliographic formats (including MARC), and matching of entities from different datasets.
  • Ben O’Steen has 13 years IT development experience and has most recently worked at the Oxford University Library Service as the software architect for the Bodleian Library’s DAMS (Digital Asset Management System). Extensive experience working with RDF, bibliographic and related metadata standards and distributed system design. He was part of the winning team of Repository Challenge 08 with an entry that provided a RDF Linked Data view on two of the leading opensource repository systems. O’Steen will contribute to most areas including metadata design and realisation, triple storage and SPARQL endpoints and user-facing interfaces and query systems.
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