Minutes: 10th Virtual meeting of the OKFN Openbiblio Group

Date: April, 5st 2011, 15:00-16:15 GMT

Channel: Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Jim Pitman
  • Primavera De Filippi
  • Karen Coyle
  • James Robert Griffin III
  • Thomas Krichel
  • William Waites
  • Lucy Chambers

publicdomainworks.net & bibliographica.org

Primavera from publicdomainworks.net attended the meeting. As publicdomainworks.net in the future wants to use bibliographica.net as data store she wanted to know how to query bibliographica.org to get JSON output. It was decided to move this particular discussion to the openbiblio-dev mailing list which has already happened.

The further discussion was about how to best model bibliographic data: First, which serialization to use and second which metadata elements. William said, regarding serializations the current lineup of JSON serialisations was being considered at bibliographica.org.

Furthermore, BibJSON was mentioned as a loose standard for describing bibliographic resources in JSON. FOAF/BIBO/DC are incorporated in BibJSON which also allows other name spaces.

Openbiblio Principles

  • Since the last meeting mails promoting the openbiblio principles have been sent to many library-related mailing lists:
    • Karen: lita-l, code4lib, ngc4lib, ol-discuss, public-lld
    • Antoine: europeana, public-lod, public-esw
    • Adrian: Inetbib
    • Jim and Thomas haven’t sent out mails. ACTION: They will catch up on this.
  • The number of signatories grew to 83.
  • A Korean version of the Principles on Open Bibliographic Data was sent to Mark McGillivray. These need to be verified before publishing them on openbiblio.net.
  • ACTION: Primavera will ask a Korean friend to take a look at it.

Open Data enquiries

  • Adrian had a mail exchange with E-LIS.
  • They confirmed that E-LIS metadata is open and are thinking about explicitely using an open license and signing the openbiblio principles. The enquiry is now resolved, see here.
  • Nothing happened regarding the other running enquiries.


  • ORCID ist a non-profit organization “dedicated to solving the name ambiguity problem in scholarly research” by establishing “a registry that is adopted and embraced as the de facto standard by the whole of the community”. (See http://www.orcid.org/aboutus.)
  • Momentarily the ORCID principles state that individual person information will be licensed CC0 but there is no such statement regarding bulk data.
  • James Griffin and Thomas will give a talk at the next ORCID participant meetings, 18th May where they will promote open bibliography.


  • Jim announced that he agreed with Rufus and Mark about BibServer integration with Openbiblio/Bibliographica.

Microsoft Academic Search (MAS) API

  • Microsoft Academic Search
  • MAS has got clean well-structured data about academic articles.
  • Thomas Krichel, Peter Murray-Rust and Jim Pitman are talking with MAS about making the service more open.

Upcoming events

Open Knowledge Conference: On 30th June & 1st July, 2011 OKCon 2011 will take place in Berlin. It would be great if the openbiblio working group would be represented there with a talk. Adrian said he could do this but he’d like present together with someone from the academic paper group (like PMR, Jim or Thomas) to paint a better picture of the group.

Action Collection

  • Thomas will post to engineering librarian lists and lists Karen hasn’t covered.
  • Jim will cover math/stat related lists and publications
  • Primavera will ask a Korean friend to take a look at the openbiblio principles translation.
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