Collections in Bibliographica: unsorted information is not information

Collections are the first feature aimed for our users participation at Bibliographica.
The collections are lists of books users can create and share with others, and they are one of the basic features of Bibliographica as Jonathan Gray pointed out already:

lists of publications are an absolutely critical part of scholarship. They articulate the contours of a body of knowledge, and define the scope and focus of scholarly enquiry in a given domain. Furthermore such lists are always changing.

Details of use

They are accessible via the collections link on the top menu of the website.

To create collections you must be logged in. You may login on with an openID

Once logged in, every time you open a book page (i.e. ) you will see at your right the Collections menu, where you can choose between creating a new collection with that work, or adding the work to an already existing collection.

If you have created some collections you can always access them through the menu and they are also going to appear in your account page

For removing a book from one collection, you can click remove in the collection listing of the sidebar.

Collections screencast

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