Swedish National Bibliography as Open Data

In the blog of Sweden’s national library system LIBRIS it was announced today that the Swedish National Bibliography along with the authority data are published under a CC0 license.

“We are now pleased to announce the general availability of these records (see below for details). We see the investment in Open Data as a strategic one and one that is needed to ensure long term sustainability and competition when it comes to the services needed by libraries and their users as well as the right to control over their collections. The license chosen is CC0 which waives any rights the National Library have over the National Bibliography and the authority data.

There are two ways to access the data, as Atom feeds with references to the records and using (a somewhat rudimentary implementation of) the OAI-PMH protocol.

LIBRIS pioneered in 2008 with making the records in the Swedish union catalog available as Linked Data. But the data had not been openly licensed and there was no possibility to easily get hold of bigger parts of it, which both has changed as of today. The long term goal is, it says in the announcement regarding the Swedish Union Catalogue, “to release the whole database under an open license, though this will undoubtedly take some time.”

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