Day 1 of the March Sprint

Agendas are funny things; you have an idea of what you want to do, you write a few bullet-points to focus it a little and you presume things will naturally lead on from one thing to the next… Well, not this week. Barely had we settled down to the intros when the agenda was out the window!

As well as the Usual Suspects (Mark, me) and the Collaborators (Sam, Laura) we welcomed Thomas Krichel, an expert in scholarly communication over from the States, and were joined by two additional OKFNers, Jilly Matthews and Will Waites, who are based in Edinburgh and popped by to catch up on the project’s recent developments.

To begin with, all of us set our minds to the collaborative opportunities with CKAN as Jilly explained the project and the difference between and CKAN (the former is a publicly available instance of the technology of the latter, which drives this and other instances). Then we split up into groups:

  • Thomas and Mark explored connecting BibSoup data with AuthorClaim and refined some ideas for the future of BibJSON, with Will (who was involved with previous iterations of the Open Biblio project/s) and Jilly contributing to discussions around simple / complex JSON following on from Mark’s post;
  • Mahendra and I finalised the details of tomorrow’s Meet-up;
  • Laura and Sam ducked in to various conversations, suggesting improvements in technology and running events as key phrases caught their ears… Sam was looking at Open Biblio’s overlap with OpenGLAM and Laura was advising on tomorrow’s event, having arranged several Cambridge Meet-ups before.

The plan for tomorrow is for Mahendra, Laura and I to plan the June Hackathon and for Mark to get some good coding done with Etiennne… but we’ll see how the agenda shifts!

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Naomi has been working for Open Knowledge since 2011 and is based in the UK. She supports operations, projects, staff and the community network.
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