Day 2 of the March Sprint

Today started well: Berkeley and PubMed contacted us about running a BibServer, which is great! It was also a day of comings and goings: Etienne arrived to code with Mark, Richard Jones of Cottage Labs dropped by to play around with parsers, and Thomas headed off after exploring the benefits of JSON-LD and BibJSON.

Etienne and Mark have been developing BibServer, merging facet view changes with existing software in order to present new functionality and provide a better user experience for the creation and indexing of data. This is expected to be completed tomorrow after some testing. Also available tomorrow will be an update from Thomas, who has taken data from BibSoup and put it into 3lib; he has also been at polling AuthorClaim for author information and looking at linking the metadata with BibSoup records. Mahendra and I got Sam / OpenGLAM involved with the Hackathon we’re planning for 12th-14th June and got thinking of London-based venues… suggestions welcome!

The schedule for tomorrow is to discuss interaction with other OKFN projects including TEXTUS, the Open Data Handbook and Public Domain Works, as well as testing BibServer’s new functionality.

In other news, Sam and Laura were busy writing their Lightning Talks for tonight’s Meet-Up… More on that later!

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Naomi has been working for Open Knowledge since 2011 and is based in the UK. She supports operations, projects, staff and the community network.
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