BibServer new functionality

During the sprint last week we made a lot of progress with the new functionality for version 0.5.0 – however, Etienne and I got so excited by some new ideas that we did not finish on time; apologies for the delay.

We will be making the new version available over the course of this week, and will have it up and running on soon.

Below is an overview of the new functionality you can expect to see over the course of the next week; we will write some blog posts about the various new capabilities, and this will tie in with the focus of the next sprint – doing docs, tests and issues (no new functionality).

  • editing of records and collections
  • merging collections from multiple sources
  • adding notes to records
  • much improved search UI
  • embed images in search results
  • better visualisation of collections
  • embeddable UI into other web pages via javascript
  • asynchronous parsing – you don’t have to hang on the page waiting for it to complete
  • feedback tickets from asynchronous parses
  • sharing collection admin rights with other users
  • new parser for NLM XML
  • new parser concept – search term gets pages from wikipedia, pulls citations from pages
  • capability to accept and run parsers written in different programming languages
  • browse site users
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