Minutes: 20th Virtual Meeting of the OKFN Openbiblio Group

Date: April, 3rd 2012, 15:00 GMT

Channels:Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Jim Pitman
  • Karen Coyle


Action Items from last meeting

  • Adrian will personally ask people from the German National Library regarding BibJSON conversion –> No definite answer yet.
  • Sebastian will provide a post for openbiblio.net when the data set is officially released (sometimes in March) –> Done, see here
  • Ask members of DCMI provenance group & W3C Provenance Working Group to provide a short post about it on openbiblio.net. –> not yet done
  • Write down core resources and tasks of the openbiblio group. (Adrian) –> See http://openbiblio.net/get-involved/.

How should National Libraries provide their data?

  • We are approaching several national libraries that are providing open data to make their data re-usable by the openbiblio group.
  • There was some discussion how National Libraries and others should actually provide their data to be used in BibServer.
  • Maintaining a BibJSON dump might be asking too much.
  • Libraries who provide LOD could be asked to also provide a dump in JSON-LD. This would make it easier to re-use in a BibServer.
    • Would adding JSON-LD to content negotiation be enough?
  • Conclusion: We probably can’t make people to provide BibJSON and probably will have to transform open data ourselves.


  • openbiblio-dev discussed aligning BibJSON with JSON-LD. Everybody is fine with namespaces in JSON.
    ACTION: Create context file for BibJSON.

Further discussion of governance and resource allocation issues

  • Openbiblio-dev/openbiblio 2 people will be attending monthly virtual meeting in the future to report on the project

Procedures for publication/maintenance of bibliographic datasets

  • Formalizing procedures for publication/maintenance of bibliographic datasets: Mark provided good start in a recent email. This should be developed on this etherpad.
  • Q from Karen: do we also want vocabularies/thesauri? Or just bib data? A: Yes, we want vocabularies/thesauri.
  • Formalizing procedures for getting volunteers to follow through on assistance with specific data liberation projects.
    ACTION: Create timeline for opening up biblio data, HowTo/FAQs; start on an [etherpad]http://okfnpad.org/howtoshareopenbibliodata() and then move it to openbiblio.net
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