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It’s been a funny few weeks, with Easter meaning that various people have been out-and-about at various times, but as always, the community never rests… Following on from Community Discussions (1), here are the latest goings-on to raise your interest and maybe your eyebrows:

  • Mark MacGillivray reported on the 29th March that the project is working with Total Impact to link their services to an instance of Bibserver

  • Multilingual matters in BibJSON arose again and, once more, JSON-LD was given backing as being useful for our purposes

  • Adrian Pohl discussed Nature’s release of 450,000 articles under a CC0 licence and followed up with this more in-depth article

  • Todd Robbins circulated Jim Pitman’s detailed article on author identity, which explores the issue of citations in relation to a non-existent publication (!) and includes recommendations for opening your own data

  • Antoine Isaac notified us of Europeana’s ‘Connecting Society to Culture Programme’, as part of the Hack4Europe! 2012 road show, including 3 hackathons in 3 different countries; it turns out that one in Berlin starts on the day our own Hackathon finishes – speaking of which…

  • Hackathon ‘show of hands’ request sent out! Contact naomi.lillie [@] if you’d like to add your name to the list of interested people. This Hackathon is being run by Open Biblio with Open GLAM and DevCSI, on the 12th-14th June, in East London – more details to follow

  • Following the last Working Group meeting, Adrian Pohl expounded upon the role and goals of the Working Group, which is now given at and

  • David Weinberger announced that Harvard has opened 12 million bibliographic records to the public domain under a CC0 licence – see his blog post to read more about it and for links to further information

  • Finally, Adrian announced the next Working Group meeting on 7th May, where Mark MacGillivray will be updating the community on project developments

As always, thanks to our amazing community for promoting and leading open bibliographic data in all its manifestations. To become part of the group and get your voice heard, sign up to the List here.

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Naomi has been working for Open Knowledge since 2011 and is based in the UK. She supports operations, projects, staff and the community network.
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