Nature’s data platform strongly expanded

Nature has largely expanded its Linked Open Data platform that was launched in April 2012. From today’s press release:

Logo of the journal Nature used in its first issue on Nov. 4, 1869

“As part of its wider commitment to open science, Nature Publishing Group’s (NPG) Linked Data Platform now hosts more than 270 million Resource Description Framework (RDF) statements. It has been expanded more than ten times, in a growing number of datasets. These datasets have been created under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) waiver, which permits maximal use/reuse of this data. The data is now being updated in real-time and new triples are being dynamically added to the datasets as articles are published on

Available at, the platform now contains bibliographic metadata for all NPG titles, including Scientific American back to 1845, and NPG’s academic journals published on behalf of our society partners. NPG’s Linked Data Platform now includes citation metadata for all published article references. The NPG subject ontology is also significantly expanded.

The new release expands the platform to include additional RDF statements of bibliographic, citation, data citation and ontology metadata, which are organised into 12 datasets – an increase from the 8 datasets previously available. Full snapshots of this data release are now available for download, either by individual dataset or as a complete package, for registered users at

This is exciting, especially the commitment to real-time updates is a great move and shows how serious Linked Open Data becomes in general and in particular in the realm of bibliographic data. Also, Nature now uses the Data Hub and has registered the data seperated into several datasets.

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