Minutes: 26th Virtual Meeting of the OKFN Working Group for Open Bibliographic Data

Date: November, 6th 2012, 16:00 GMT

Channels: Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Karen Coyle
  • Joris Pekel
  • Jim Pitman


ORCID launched

“ORCID makes its code available under an open source license, and will post an annual public data file under a CCO waiver for free download.” (Source: http://about.orcid.org/about/what-is-orcid.)

Open Data

  • ORCID provides annual CC0 dump.

Open API

  • To try the open API point your queries to pub.orcid.org ! (Documentation says something else)
  • Query biographies example:
    • curl -H ‘Accept: application/orcid+xml’ http://pub.orcid.org/search/orcid-bio?q=pohl
    • Retrieve bio example: curl -H “Accept: application/orcid+json” “http://pub.orcid.org/0000-0001-9083-7442/orcid-bio”

Open source

Linked Open Data

(Much information was taken from this twitter conversation.)

  • Karen: How can this be intregrated with BibServer
  • Jim: Could OKF pick up and post periodic dumps of ORCID data? And support a BibServer over those dumps?

HathiTrust Lawsuit

See Karen’s blog post on the topic: http://kcoyle.blogspot.de/2012/10/copyright-victories-part-ii.html.

  • Judge supports digitization for indexing as a fair use.
  • No decision on orphan works
  • Support for “just in case” digitization to serve sight impaired users
  • Support for digitization for preservation

OKFN labs for cultural activities

  • Background: Restructuring of OKF
  • Projects and tools are now pulled into OKFN labs, which will mainly focus on government and financial data: http://okfnlabs.org/
  • Rather than “orphan” the other projects, there is now another lab in development for those, including Bibserver.
  • Example projects/code and blog posts that woul find their place at this “open culture lab”:
  • Joris, Sam and Etienne Posthumus working on this. Please propose projects to Joris and Sam and they can help.
  • Suggest: organize “code days” for bibliographic data

W3C working group on biblio extension to schema.org

Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) Standard


  • May merge some developer lists into one, which are now scattered. openbiblio-dev could be included in this.
  • We talked for a short time about ResourceSync effort to provide standard for syncing web resources: http://www.niso.org/workrooms/resourcesync/

To Dos

  • Adrian will try to find time for a seperate post on ORCID
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