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Comparative Serialisation of RDF in JSON

This is a comparison of RDF-JSON and JSON-LD for serialising bibliographic RDF data. Given that we are also working with BibServer we have taken a BibJSON document as our source data for comparison. The objective was to both understand these … Continue reading

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Disambiguation, deduplication and 'ideals'

(NB Republished from a mailing list conversation at http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-August/000397.html – follow this link to see the comments and replies) In my work on meshing bibliographic datasets together, I’ve been using a conceptual tool that I would like to hear views … Continue reading

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Bibliographic models in RDF

Put it in RDF to solve all your problems! As with most things in life, the reality is often a little more complex. If you are old enough, you may well remember when this very same cry was often uttered, … Continue reading

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