Academic Bibliography data available from Acta Cryst E

The bibliographic data from Acta Cryst E, a publication by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), has been extracted and made available with their consent.

You can find a SPARQL endpoint for the data here and the full dataset here.

I have also geocoded a number of the affiliations of the authors, plotting them on a timemap (visualising the time of publication against the location of the authors), and you can see this at this location.

What you will find:

  • A SPARQL endpoint with limited output capabilities (limited content negotiation).
  • A ‘describe’ method, to display unstyled HTML pages about authors or the papers, based on the given URI.
  • Links from the data in the service to the original papers.
  • The data dump consists of a zipped up directories of rdf, which have most of the intermediary xml, html and other bits removed. Hopefully, this helps explain the odd layout!
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  2. Great! Will Section B follow too? It would be useful if you could add a SPARQL query to find all papers by a particular author, based on his last name (thus a substring search), or, similarly, based on word search in article titles…

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