Open bibliographic principles announced

On Monday 17th January at the Visions of a semantic molecular future symposium and hackfest, during a presentation packed with displays of exciting new technology, Peter Murray-Rust introduced the Open Bibliographic Principles on behalf of the contributor group that has worked on them for the last six months.

  1. When publishing bibliographic data make an explicit and robust license statement.
  2. Use a recognized waiver or license that is appropriate for data.
  3. If you want your data to be effectively used and added to by others it should be open as defined by the Open Definition ( – in particular non-commercial and other restrictive clauses should not be used.
  4. Where possible, we recommend explicitly placing bibliographic data in the Public Domain via PDDL or CC0. has full details along with an endorsement form, and will soon link to alternate language versions. We will now work on exposing these principles as widely as possible to achieve endorsement from individuals and organisations across the academic, library and publisher community.

(pictures to follow)

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