Minutes: 13th Virtual Meeting of the OKFN Openbiblio Group

Date July, 5th 2011, 15:00 GMT

Channel Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad


  • Adrian Pohl
  • Peter Murray-Rust
  • David Shotton
  • Thomas Krichel
  • Jim Pitman
  • Karen Coyle


Report from the #openbiblio workshop at #okcon2011 & okcon in general

openbiblio workshop

See workshop etherpad: http://okfnpad.org/okcon-biblio-workshop

  • More than 20 People attended
  • Nice mix of library people, scientists and humanities scholars
  • Peter presented openbiblio background: different types of data, some copyrighted some probably not
  • Different interests in open bibliographic data by librarians and humanities scholars and natural scientiests were topic; nonetheless much overlap –> Peter: pragmatically/politically we should work together but institutional and technical we differ (bibliographic data vs. library data with holdings, serials data vs. monographs)
  • Mark presented BibServer/BibJSON/bibsoup development which generated some discussion
  • General brainstorming: Why open data? What to do with it? What stops us from doing it? How do we do it?
  • Generally, we had focused significant, discussions at the workshop. But time was too short to do actual work. Organize some local/regional hackathons?

“Knowledge for all” project


  • Aim: To build an international collaboration of libraries providing an open source / openly licensed database with journal article data.
  • Peter sees several problems which could impede the project:
    • Possible legal problems haven’t been adressed in detail yet.
    • Still a very small group.

Internet Archive/Open library

  • Peter spoke at length with Brewster Kahle at OKCon2011
  • Collaboration with Open Library?
  • Problem with OL: It’s not a clean “open” database in light of the open definition because of data contributed by library which wasn’t explicitely openly licensed.
  • Asking OL to provide BibJSON? – Karen: We could write a template for OL to output BibJSON. – Jim: Otherwise we could map the output data ourselves.
  • Open Library bulk download: http://openlibrary.org/data#downloads

JISC openbiblio project ends – results and perspectives

Open Scholarship

  • Peter has created draft proposal (to be sent to JISC) for continued funding. Being reviewed currently by Dave Flanders (JISC) and Jonathan Gray. No monetary info included.

BibServer and BibJSON

Journals data

Open Research Reports (OKF, Jenny Molloy) 2011-12-08? London. (PMR or DS)

Jenny in http://www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/staff/academics/sinkins_sp.htm
* hackathon about bibliographic data in ?

Ex Libris Expert Group on Open Data

  • With Karen’s mediation, Adrian asked Carl Grant of Ex Libris to provide a blog post on OKFN blog and openbiblio.net clarifying the recent “open data expert group” announcement: http://bit.ly/jfPKDj

JISC Open Citations project

Final blogged report of JISC Open Citations Project – sister project of PMR’s Open Bibliography Project – is at https://opencitations.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/jisc-open-citations-project-%E2%80%93-final-project-blog-post/.

The Open Citations Web site (http://opencitations.net) permits you to browse the citation data of some 200,000 citing articles within the Open Access Subset (OASS) of Pubmed Central, citing ~3.4 million papers out there in the big wide world, as described at http://opencitations.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/like-a-kid-with-a-new-train-set-exploring-citation-networks/.

Promoting the openbiblio principles

Thomas will bring attention to principles on open bibliographic data on several mailing lists.

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