Comparing existing bib tools

Update to this post: turns out there was a page, just not one I was aware of – please see I have linked to this from Isn’t it handy when people have already done the job for us…

Recently, a discussion on the Working Group List raised the subject of existing technologies that store and share reading / publication lists, and how BibSoup / BibServer compares to them.

Tom Morris said:

Perhaps it would be illustrative to compare and contrast with other existing widely known services and tools such as Zotero, Mendeley, CiteUlike, and the venerable emacs/Bibtex/LaTex. What is better, worse, or just different? Which sets of things are alternatives to each other and which complement each other? What are the things which make BibSoup/BibServer unique?

Of course, if this is already laid out in detail somewhere on a web page, just point me there.

There wasn’t, until now, so please refer to this wiki page set up for this purpose and start comparing!

I have used Thad Guidry’s notes on Mendeley, as well as the first line of the Wikipedia entry, to populate that example. Please do edit and add to this page – we want to avoid a debate on which is better than which, so please keep your opinions in check, but hopefully this will be a good opportunity to get a sense of what is in use and how they compare with one another and BibSoup.

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